Leland has a thriving passion for video games and anime. His favorite hobbies consist of collecting old/retro video games and cleaning/restoring sneakers. His dream is to one day work for Sega to help revive the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise to the level that it once was. He was the third member to join RDC.

Key Roles:

Brand/Design Manager



 Random Facts:

 Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Anime/Character: Yu Yu Hakusho/Yusuke
Favorite Video Game/Character: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle/Knuckles Favorite Artist: Drake
Video Debut: Hilarious Home Video Favorite Movies: MCU series
Favorite RDC Skit (YouTube): Anime Themes vs Video Game Themes Favorite RDC Skit (IG): How CVS/Walgreens Employees Be When They See Each Other