RDCWorld. RDC. Real Dreams Change the World.

It started back in 2011 when Mark Phillips and Affiong Harris had the idea to create a manga. Through their vision and dedication, RDCWorld was built from nothing and became something much more. Yet the mission always remained the same: create content to entertain the world. Working hard from a college dorm, the pair would learn the ins and outs of script writing, production, and editing. Today the team of now 7 has a combined social media reach of over 5 million with a strong cult following.

If there's one thing RDC has, it's passion. Whether playing their favorite video game, brainstorming over the next upcoming skit, or having a heated discussion about their favorite anime, passion is a thing that does not lack in the RDC household. RDC values quality above all else, closely followed by teamwork and consistency. On top of that, every member brings their own strengths and uniqueness to the table which helps keep RDC ahead of any obstacle that crosses their path.